Dear Neighbor,

My name is Greg Vartan and I’m running to represent Ward 2 on Summit’s Common Council.  There are three main reasons why I hope you will vote for me.

1. I understand the city and the challenges we face
2. I have the experience and enthusiasm to hit the ground running
3. I view service to my neighbors as a responsibility

As a fourth-generation Hilltopper, I’ve been privileged to live in a city that takes pride in its great location, vibrant downtown, excellent public schools, and responsible government.  I want to keep Summit great and continue to improve its strengths while tackling the many challenges we face.

The new federal tax law has the potential to dramatically affect Summit’s affordability. I’m committed to making Summit a destination for shopping, recreation, and business.  That requires encouraging diversity downtown while supplying ample parking and enhancing traffic safety.

As a member of the Planning Board, I am very excited that we have begun the process of re-developing Broad Street. It provides a perfect opportunity to expand our commercial tax-base while still preserving the city’s unique character and open spaces.

I am a product and beneficiary of Summit’s incredible public schools. We provide excellence in academics, athletics, and the arts. I’m committed to strengthening this excellence by working hard to finally offer full-day kindergarten to better serve all Summit families.

From my family, teachers, and fellow public servants in Summit I learned the values I believe we all cherish: honesty, selflessness, determination, and responsibility.  We’re all neighbors working to make our wonderful city even better. I look forward to meeting and speaking with you about the other challenges and how you think we should face them, together.

Sincerely yours,

Greg Vartan
Vartan for Council
PO Box 463
Summit, NJ 07902


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