A Leader Who Seeks to Unite - 10.30.18

Greg Vartan here. I want to take a minute to speak with you about leadership. I believe that regardless of your ideology, there’s really only two types of leaders. Those who seek to divide and those who seek to unite.

Negative campaign ads showed up in mailboxes last week in a clear attempt to divide people. These desperate tactics are contrary to everything we know and love about this wonderful City and I want to make it as clear as possible that I unequivocally reject that style of campaigning.

I have knocked on every single door in Ward 2 and I have connected with so many people of vastly different backgrounds. These people deserve so much better. They deserve a leader that seeks to unite.

I am that leader. I have proven that by consistently getting the facts, listening to the stakeholders, and coming to a reasonable and informed position on the challenges and opportunities facing Summit today. I’ll tell you where I stand on just a few.

It’s extremely clear that we need strong leadership focused on making and keeping Summit more affordable. I believe our approach to tackling this challenge should be two-fold. First, protect property values with a focus on responsible and transparent budgeting and promoting vibrancy downtown. My 8 years as a volunteer EMT responding to emergencies has also prepared me to support all our first responders as we work to make Summit even safer.

And second, as a member of the Planning Board, I am very excited that we have begun the process of re-developing Broad Street. This provides a perfect opportunity to expand our commercial tax-base while still preserving the city’s unique character.

I was raised in Summit to value respect, honesty, hard-work, and responsibility. As Summit moves forward, the challenges and opportunities will change. A vote for me is a vote for someone who will continue to lead with those values and unite people.

Thank you for your time! And please Vote Greg Vartan for Ward 2 Common Council November 6th.

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