Vartan's Views - April 16, 2018

Here's TAPinto Summit's summary of the Council meeting Tuesday 4/16/18 and my 3 thoughts:

1. Hats off for all members of the City staff and for Council on passing a municipal budget with 0% tax increase. It's a truly amazing achievement and we should all be grateful and proud.

2. There's no easy or simple way to address our parking problem. I think most can agree that a step in the right direction would be making it easier to find an open spot in front of the wonderful restaurant or store you'd like to patronize. I think the ordinance that was passed will make that more likely. I probably wouldn't have believed that changing the rate would actually work, but when we consider that this method was extremely successful with the Deforest lots, I think it's worth a try. More than once, Council has revisited issues and that is always an option if this solution doesn't work as intended.

3. Summit's downtown is graced with several pieces of art. I love some and have considerably different feelings about others. Regardless, when I walk or drive by I usually find myself talking about them. For Summit Public Art that means the mission was accomplished. I think we're lucky to have a group dedicated to expanding our minds through the power of art. Murals are on the way!

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts!

April 16, 2018 council meeting summary (TAPinto Summit)


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