Vartan's Views - October 16, 2018

Below you’ll find the TAPinto Summit summary of the Council meeting on 10/16/18.

This is the last edition of Vartan’s Views before the election on November 6th. What started with a blog all the way back in April has blossomed into these short videos for two main reasons. The first is to quickly summarize what actually happened at the council meetings, and the second to make my positions on the issues actually facing our Council totally clear to people.

If I’m honored to be elected as our next Councilman from Ward 2, I would pledge to continue Vartan’s Views for the entirety of my term. 

Here are my three thoughts from the Council meeting on Oct 16. 

1) The Council introduced a resolution to restructure the committees. The current structure doesn’t exactly line up with the work being done by the different City Departments and community boards and commissions. I think this change will help from an organizational perspective, it doesn’t cost anything, and I’m supportive! 

2) The Council approved a grant application to the NJ Department of Transportation for beautification of Phase 1 of the Parkline. This is the part of the parkline that already exists and is already in use. For that reason, and with the time-sensitivity of many of these grant applications, I understand why the Council voted on it now. It is absolutely key, however, that even if it costs us grant money we absolutely must wait on anything else related to the Parkline until there’s a public meeting to discuss it. 

3) There are 2 men from Summit who received the Congressional Medal of Honor. Thanks to the hard-work in researching their story, the American Legion proposed an idea for a monument on the Village Green honoring the memory of these brave men. I think it is fantastic that the Council approved the use of the land and I encourage everyone to donate to the 

American Legion Post 322 
PO Box 757
Summit, NJ 07902 

What are your thoughts? 

October 16, 2018 Council Meeting Summary (TapInto Summit)

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