Vartan's Views - September 17, 2018

Below you’ll find the TAPinto Summit summary of the Council meeting on 9/17/18.

Here are my three thoughts: 

1) Happy Constitution Week! The 231st annual celebration of the document was made official by Mayoral Proclamation alongside members of the Daughters of the American Revolution. 

2) Wallace Rd has experienced flooding issues since the 1960s. Residents from Wallace Rd have been coming before Council and city staff-members since then to see what can be done to fix this situation. An excellent presentation was given by Rick Matias presenting several options for how to address this issue. Whether these options are feasible, and the cost associated with each will require some more exploration. In addition, both Canoe Brook Golf Course and the County will both need to be part of the conversation. But it looks like soon this issue will finally be resolved. 

3) Aaron Schrager gave a very interesting presentation on traffic signals or traffic “lights” to use the layman’s term. In addition to the striking size of the signals, I was surprised by much of the presentation. Each of the signals has a power box off to the side. There’s more than 30 of these boxes in Summit. Several other towns I’ve seen have used these somewhat mundane-looking boxes and spiced them up a bit with some art. I think we should explore something similar here in Summit.

What do you think? 

September 17, 2018 council meeting summary (TAPinto Summit)

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