Vartan's Views - June 6, 2018

Below is a link to the TAPinto Summit Summary of the Council Meeting on 6/6/18.

Here are my three thoughts:

1) CONGRATULATIONS to our campaign intern, Aalia Smith for being selected by Mayor Radest as a finalist for the 2018 Louis Bay 2nd Municipal Leader Scholarship. Aalia was selected based on an essay about municipal government. I’m proud to have her as part of our team! 

2) I’m thrilled that the historical marker was approved for Fountain Baptist Church. The church existed before Summit. I continue to believe our diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and I would recommend diving in and learning more in Dr. Betty Adams’ book, Black Women’s Christian Activism. 

3) The Development Regulations Ordinance (DRO) is an INCREDIBLY important document outlining what is allowed in the Downtown Business District. The city is undergoing a year-long process to completely re-write this document. However, the ordinance introduced at the Council meeting will amend the current DRO to expand uses for the first floor to include more experiential things like tasting rooms and instructional studios. I am extremely supportive of this change. 

What do you think?

June 6, 2018 council meeting summary (TAPinto Summit)

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