Vartan's Views - September 4, 2018

Below is a link to the TAPinto Summit Summary of the Council Meeting on 9/4/18.

Here are my three thoughts:

1) The Mayor proclaimed September is Summit Volunteer First Aid Squad month. Thank you to my fellow volunteers for their truly outstanding service to our city and thank you to the Mayor and Council for recognizing that service. The squad is funding completely by donation and staffed completely by volunteers. Please go to the website and learn more about donating or joining!

2) The Council approved a grant submission to the Summit Area Public Foundation to support the Hometown Heroes program. This was a huge success last year and a wonderful way to honor the women and men of Summit who served in our nation’s armed forces. I’m thrilled that the program will return for another year and hope we get the grant.

3) A memorandum of understanding between the City and the Parkline Foundation was approved. As I’ve said many times before, conceptually I believe the Parkline is a fantastic project. Since its inception, there have been questions about the funding, maintenance, privacy, and safety, that have yet to be addressed. This memorandum of understanding is a good thing for two main reasons. The first is that it mandates a public workshop where these issues will be discussed within 90 days. The second is that all future developments and decisions made about the Parkline will come before the Council. I believe this is the right way to make sure the public knows what is going on and what responsibilities belong to the city and the foundation respectively.

What do you think?

September 4, 2018 council meeting summary (TAPinto Summit)

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